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Relationship Counselling in London for Individuals & Couples

  • Do you feel detached from your partner? Struggling to renew the connection and passion in your relationship?
  • Are you feeling like you are the only one working on your relationship?
  • Do relationships never seem to work out for you?
People often choose to see a counsellor or therapist only when the pain of not doing so exceeds the pain of revealing themselves to a perfect stranger. This holds a deep truth. It is daunting to think about sharing personal details of life with someone you don’t know.  It is my experience, however, that when relationship counselling is approached as a warm and collaborative undertaking, the discomfort eases quickly.

Relationship Counselling

Relationship Counselling LondonThere are many reasons for seeking help with your relationship — you've grown apart, you or your partner wants more time together or more time apart, your life goals have changed, you argue about money or how to raise your children, you are wondering if separation and divorce is the only way forward, to name a few. Sometimes people come to therapy to sort out a very specific problem, such as an affair, or how to manage a job loss.

There are also less clear-cut reasons for counselling — for example, the desire to stop repeating self-defeating patterns of behavior.

The purpose of relationship therapy is unique to each couple and individual. A successful outcome depends a great deal on sorting out a client’s goals and working together with that individal and couple to help them tailor a specific plan to address their needs. I am an experienced and qualified counsellor and psychotherapist who specializes in working with my clients to create healthy relationships. Our work together can either be of a short duration to deal with a specific issue, or more open-ended, which we can discuss when we first meet.  My private practice has consulting rooms in both Sloane Square and Brook Green.

Relationship Counselling for Couples

I work with couples to help them communicate and understand each other, and achieve a more satisfying and meaningful relationship if that is their goal. Sometimes this is done with both partners present, but it can also be done individually if it is not possible for your partner to attend. Please see the pages for 'Couples' and 'Individuals in Relationships' for a more detailed discussion.

Relationship Counselling for Individuals

I also counsel individuals who are not presently in a relationship. Perhaps there has been a recent breakup you would like to understand better, or avoid dating because you fear attracting the same type of person yet again. We can work together to examine your past relationships, and underlying patterns that are preventing you from finding a more healthy and satisfying relationship. Please refer to the page for 'Individuals' for a more detailed discussion.

I adhere to a strict code of professional ethics under the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy Ethical Guidelines. 
“Life can sometimes get the best of you but your state of mind determines your outcome.” Sanjo Jendayi
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